Jacob Marley's Mulled Wine 5.5% 3L Box

Jacob Marley's Mulled Wine 5.5% 3L Box

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Jacob Marley’s Mulled Wine is a 5.5% ABV winter warmer.

This 3L box equates to a whopping 4 bottles of wine! 

This festive tipple is a well-balanced blend of cloves, cinnamon and orange with notes of red wine and a dry finish. This deep crimson delight is delicately rich and easy to drink. The perfected blend of smooth red wine and the warming aromatic spices are sure to bring festive cheer.

Each year we search the world for the best red wine for our recipe (it's a terrible job sampling them all!). Once chosen, we blend and package with precision at Marches Bottling & Packaging, in Bromyard, Herefordshire - just less than 5 miles from our family farm.

We pride ourselves on our mulled wine, each year our production team excel themselves, so sit back, relax and enjoy a warm glass (or mug) of our festive favourite Jacob Marley's Mulled Wine!

To serve:

You’ll just need to pour off the required amount and gently warm. 

Tip: Add fresh range slices and cinnamon sticks to give this tipple an extra festive feel!

Opening instructions: 

Under the box label there is a perforated section. Carefully remove this section to access the dispensing tap. After pulling the tap gently from the inner box, you should remove the tamper evident ring to enable the release of the wine from the bag. Press the tap to pour. 

Once opened store the box in a cool, dry place in an upright position.

As with all our products, this is gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Awards: Finalist – Free From Awards 2020

*Please note, Collette's favourite mulled wine mug is not included