Summer BBQ Cider Box 12 x 500ml bottles

Summer BBQ Cider Box 12 x 500ml bottles

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☀️ Sun's out! Buns out! 🍔

We'd be hard pushed to find a better combo than sunshine, cider and a smokin' BBQ. We can't guarantee how long the BBQ weather will hold out this summer but we can guarantee a crackin' mix of ciders in our Summer BBQ Cider Box.

You'll get 12 x 500ml bottles which include:

2 x Abrahalls Vintage 6%

1 x Abrahalls AD Dry 6%

1 x Abrahalls AM Medium 6%

2 x Slack Alice 4.6%

2 x Thundering Molly 5.2%

2 x Lily the Pink 4.5%

1 x Mango 4%

 1 x PULP APPLE 4.7%