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Christmas Cocktail: Mulled Cassis and Cider - win the ingredients!


Not gonna lie, there's nothing we like more than propping up the bar and watching a Mixologist in action - the luminescent glistening of the cocktail shaker hypnotising the crowd who wait in eager anticipation of the amber nectar that lies within that sexy silver cylinder of joy....!

But let's just park that image for the moment, because this Christmas Cocktail does not require:

a) A bar
b) A Mixologist
c) A cocktail shaker

Nope. No Siree. Nada fancy accessories required. Which is good news for the time poor, and cocktail-thirsty. So have a scout around your kitchen, for the following:

Method (makes 1.5l)

  • Pour the cider and cassis into a saucepan and simmer over a gentle heat (do not boil)
  • Add the orange zest, cloves, star anise and cinnamon sticks
  • Continue to gently heat/mull for about 20mins
  • Ladle into your glasses and garnish with a star anise on each glass
  • Enjoy!

We've used Ruby Tuesday because of her rich red raspberry aroma and full-bodied flavour, which perfectly compliments the Cassis. Literally salivating. 

Smells like Christmas. Tastes like Christmas. Sounds like Christmas...(ok, ok, that's a bit much). You get the picture - now get cocktail making!

Win the Ingredients!

We're feeling all festive and we've got that 'giving' vibe going down here at CMHQ, so we're giving away one bottle of British Cassis and a pack of Ruby Tuesday Cider to one lucky winner!

To enter, simply head to our Facebook Page or Twitter feed and find the competition post for more details.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Good luck!

Not feeling so lucky? Click below to get Ruby Tuesday in your shopping cart - job done ✅




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