Dry January doesn’t have to be completely dry…

A big Happy New Year to everyone from Celtic Marches Ltd! We hope it’s a happy and healthy year ahead for us all.

If you are partaking in Dry January this year, firstly, good for you! However, if you think you might not last till the 31st, maybe low alcohol is for you?

Our Holly GoLightly is a quenchable, light cider – and only 0.5% ABV! Plenty of body and a touch of acidity, pressed from apples grown on our Herefordshire farm. If something fruitier is more to your taste, Holly GoLightly Rosé has your name on it!

All of our cider is vegan and gluten-free too, Veganuary sorted!

We are so proud to say our two girls are currently taking pride of place at Club Soda’s alcohol-free off-license in London until 30th January. Pop over to their website for more information!

Our Holly varieties are available here.

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