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Halloween Cocktail: Black Witch

Image shows two hands holding martini glasses with theBlack Witch cocktail in, apple slices on each glass and a bottle of British Cassis and Slack Alice cider on a silver tray.


Without the interruptions of those pesky Trick or Treaters this year, you can lower the lights, light a few candles and indulge in a little treat for yourselves with our vampy take on the Black Witch cocktail.


25ml Pernod

50ml British Cassis

200ml Celtic Marches Slack Alice Cider


Apple slices to garnish

Star Anise and Liquorice (optional)


Add a generous handful of ice to a martini cocktail glass

Pour 25ml of Pernod and 75ml of British Cassis into a cocktail shaker and SHAKE like Dracula has just burst through your window!!

Pour into a glass

Top up with Celtic Marches Slack Alice Cider

Add an apple slice and star anise to garnish (and serve with a nibble of liquorice).

Devilish, darling - don't you agree?

We chose Slack Alice for her sharpness, which compliments the British Cassis and Pernod perfectly; for a lower alcohol equivalent, try our Holly GoLightly.

Buy your Celtic Marches Slack Alice Cider, here.

Buy your British Cassis, here.

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