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Pip, Pip, Hooray! It's Apple Day

Now here's a day we can really champion!

'Apple Day, 21 October, was launched in 1990 by Common Ground. The aspiration was to create a calendar custom, an autumn holiday. From the start, Apple Day was intended to be both a celebration and a demonstration of the variety we are in danger of losing, not simply in apples, but in the richness and diversity of landscape, ecology and culture too. It has also played a part in raising awareness in the provenance and traceability of food.' Common Ground

It's easy to drive through our village and appreciate the beautiful orchards that line the roads and surround the houses dotted about Bishops Frome, it's during harvest that we truly appreciate the scale of our 200 acres of apples orchards. 

We're incredibly proud of the efforts of the eight generations who have dreamed, persevered and planned for the future. Constantly driving forward, not for immediate gratifying results but to see their actions coming to fruition in the years ahead, it's something that is instilled in the family's nature.

As one of the UK's largest self-sustaining cider producers, we're very much in tune with our farm, it's needs and how we work with our farmscape, not against it. The trees offer a bountiful fruit but also a safe habitat for wildlife too!

The climate is changing, the family grows and our traditional craft evolves. Our 'Pip to Pint' method is celebrated throughout the business. It champions our rare position of control over our craft on a commercial scale and highlights our efforts to create a sustainable business and keeps our drive to improve, develop and strive for better, at the forefront of all our efforts.

So from our trees to your glass, let's raise a toast to the apples, the land and the people nurturing the rural retreat of our orchards! 

Pip, Pip, Hooray! It's Apple Day!

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