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The First Six Months in The Cider Apple Orchards

Anyone would think that Farmer Rob likes to drink his tea cold. Well it's time we put the record straight - he doesn't!  He just rarely gets time to drink it!

There's never a dull moment in the orchard; here's a peek at Rob's current to-do list:


Pruning - weather permitting.

Servicing the pressing and harvesting equipment.


Pruning - weather permitting.

Servicing the pressing and harvesting equipment.

 Michelin tree before pruning and having the top pruned out. 


Michelin tree before pruning and having the top pruned out.



Orchard repairs.

Cutting down fallen trees and cutting up the wood for use in the log burners in the house the following winter.

Re-staking trees which have fallen over.

Planting replacement trees in the gaps in the existing orchards.



Getting rid of weeds under the trees.

Checking trees for scab and pest prevention.


April – May

Keeping everything crossed (yes - can make walking tricky) for good weather - trees can be vulnerable to frost which may impact the blossom resulting in a reduced crop.



We are keep to establish some hives in the orchards and produce some Celtic Marches Apple Honey; call local beekeeper to be put on list for a swarm.

Repairing the orchard headlands along the tops of the tree rows, rotavating, levelling and rolling for tractor movement.

Start fortnightly mowing of the grass between the rows.



Maintain weed control and continue fortnightly mowing.


We're just off to make Rob a (hot!) cuppa - check back soon for the second half of his to-do list!

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