Win a Pocket Hug and a box of Mulled Wine!

Image shows a collection of hand-stamped pewter pocket hugs (stamped text says: a little pocket hug from me to you) arranged on 2 pieces of grey slate, with a sea-shell at the back.

Who Cares...Wins!

As we approach the first week of #Lockdown2, here at Celtic Marches HQ, we're reflecting on what we've learned so far, in 2020.

1. We will never again take 'popping-to-the-pub-for-a-pint' for granted.

2. Zoom is OK but nothing beats seeing people IRL.

3. We need HUGS!!

It's this last little lesson that has struck us most - from whopping great big lung-squeezing bear hugs to a gentle reflect of touching someone's arm during a conversation, we had no idea just how tactile us human beans are.

After a quick google, we discovered that touch and a sense of closeness can help create a feeling of comfort and well-being. Physical contact can increase our level of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, also known as the “happiness hormone”, and oxytocin, a hormone involved in human bonding. 

That explains why, after months of social distancing, some of us are feeling a bit, well, meh! Well 'meh' ain't good enough! So, we have two suggestions to make you feel less 'meh' and more 'yeah!'

1. Learn the Self-Hug dance:

Follow these steps to master the playground favourite:

    • Stand up straight, knees slightly bent, feet hip-width apart
    • Place your right hand on the top of your left hip/side waist
    • Place your left hand on the top of your right hip/side waist
    • Start to circle your knees in a clockwise direction
    • Simultaneously move your hands up and down your waist
    • Start to make smoochy noises....STOP!! STOP!! WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING?? WE WERE JOKING!!! 



2. Enter our Pocket Hug and Mulled Wine Giveaway!

We've teamed up with the wonderful jewellery and accessory brand Abercrombie Cumbes to give away a gorgeous Pocket Hug and a 3L box of our Jacob Marley's Mulled Wine - to FIVE lucky winners!!

To enter:

    • 🤗 - Follow Celtic Marches Beverages and Abercrombie Cumbes on Facebook, Twitter OR Instagram (see below for links)

    • 🍷 - Like and share the post

    • 🤗 - Tell us in the post comments, who deserves a hug right now

The competition closes at midnight on Tuesday the 17th of November. Entrants must be aged 18 or over and resident in the UK.
*Mug not included - Juliet would never forgive us!

Find us on the socials!

Celtic Marches: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Abercrombie Cumbes: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Terms and Conditions.

Good luck! (Please stop hugging yourself and go and enter the competition!!).

Image shows a photo of a white box of Jacob Marley Mulled Wine, a Christmassy mug, a pine cone and some orange leaves set on an off-white background.